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Entreprise :HOOLIA
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Informatique, SSII, Internet
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Description de l'entreprise

HOOLIA offers DevOps-as-a-Service for Cloud and Cloud-Native related products.
We take care of all Operational matters from Cloud Infrastructure to Cloud-Native Application Management, so the customer can focus on its core business: Application Development.

We are a very young company, in the early months of our startup and are currently assembling a team of skilled engineers in Morocco.
Our home base is in The Netherlands and our customer market is Europe.

Culture :

We like innovation. We are always keen to learn more.
We always strive to make things more beautiful.
We take responsibility for what we create, as we would for a baby.
We are open, relaxed and flexible. A workplace should be fun.
We are always online, always there for each other when needed.
We work Agile, SCRUM based.