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Types de métiers recherchés
» Gestion, comptabilité, finance
» Juridique
» Management, direction générale
Expérience professionnelle
Débutant < 2 ans
» Administration publique
» Banque, assurance, finances
» Industrie, production, fabrication, autres
» Santé, pharmacie, hôpitaux, équipements médicaux
» Services aéroportuaires et maritimes
Expérience professionnelle: 
05.2016 - 08.2017
Bank Al-Maghrib
Observing different services and working on various operations: • *Special Customer service : - Exchange operations - Check payment transactions - Pointing operations - The operations of recording and sending counterfeit currency - Foreign exchange. • *Institutional Customer service: -relationship with the treasure: -the reception of checks - the check of the checks - Digital processing of the check- The control of the registration of checks - Validation of the amount and the leveling of balances. -relationship with the banks: Payment or withdrawal transaction. - Purchase or sale of currency transaction - Special operations. • *Fiduciary service. • *Maintenance and security service: security of values and means. • *Secretariat.
12.2019 - 05.2020
Junior Steardess
M/Y Mystere Shadow Superyacht
During my time on-board Mystere I carried out maintenance and upkeep of the yachts’ interior. As it was winter time and the yacht was in the shipyard, the captain noticed that I had experience with financing and budgets. I was entrusted to deal with the invoices for the deck, engineering and interior department. This involved contacting various supplies, arranging payments and creating spreadsheets/reports for the management company.
-Critical thinking -Communication -Talent Management * Tools and Technologies: Microsoft Office, C++ *Interpersonal Skills: Time Management, Presentation Skills *Other Skills: Team Spirit, Planning Budgeing and Forecasting, Commerce, Budget Tracking, Budget Forecasting, Critical Observer, Research and Data analysis, Intercultural skills, Budget Preparation, Intelectually curious, Budget proposals .
09.2015 - 06.2016
Moulay Ismail High School
Baccalauréat with Major in Math – Moulay Ismail High School – Meknes
09.2016 - 07.2018
Classes Préparatoires ( ECT )
First Preparatory Classes for High School Private
Part of the French Post-Secondary system that consists of 2 years of study in order to take national competitive exams to be allowed to enroll in one of Les Grandes Ecoles.
09.2018 - 06.2019
Programme Grandes Ecoles
Skema Business School
Ranked the 5th Best Business School in France. First year in ‘ Programme Grandes Ecoles’ ( L3 )
03.2020 - 03.2020
Changing law: mental capacity legislation
The Open University
The aim of this course, Changing law: mental capacity legislation, is to consider how legal problems are identified and how the law develops to address those problems. It uses the evolution of legislation on decision making for mentally incapacitated adults to explore how development of the law is achieved. Through this study of the background to, and history of, the passage of legislation relating to mental capacity, legal meaning is discussed and explored. After studying this course, I'm able to: -Analyse, interpret and apply case law and legislation, while examining the specific context of mental capacity -Develop an awareness of the context of law and law reform in the UK -Trace and retrieve legal sources and cite these correctly -Develop a critical awareness of contemporary legal developments by examining the law reform in a specific area.
05.2020 - 06.2020
Financial accounting and reporting
The Open University
This course, Financial accounting and reporting, discusses how accountants act as processors and purveyors of information for decision making and the needs of those who use accounting information. It also looks at the role performed by accountants and notes the need to be aware of relevant regulatory and conceptual frameworks. After studying this course, I'm able to: -Define bookkeeping and accounting -Explain the general purposes and functions of accounting -Explain the differences between management and financial accounting -Describe the main elements of financial accounting information – assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses -Identify the main financial statements and their purposes.
05.2020 - 06.2020
Managing and managing people
The Open University
After studying this course, I m able to: -Understand what is meant by management and managerial effectiveness -Identify the roles which are fulfilled while working as a manager -Identify managerial activities that contribute to managerial effectiveness -Identify a cause of stress in managerial life from a range covering mismatches between capabilites and role, player-manager tension and everyday stressors -Understand time pressures and the need for time management.
Plus d'informations
Agadir - Casablanca - Fès - Marrakech - Meknès - Rabat - Settat - Tanger - International
Lieu de résidence : Meknes
CDI - CDD - Intérim - Stage - Freelance - Alternance - Temps partiel - Statutaire

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