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Types de métiers recherchés
» Transport, logistique
» Commercial, vente
» Marketing, communication
» Achats
Expérience professionnelle
Expérience entre 2 ans et 5 ans
» Agriculture, pêche, aquaculture
» Agroalimentaire
» Distribution, vente, commerce de gros
» Import, export
» Tourisme, loisirs
Expérience professionnelle: 
08.2017 - 11.2017
Export Area Manager - Middle east
La Marocaine des thés et infusions
La Marocaine des thés et infusions is a Moroccan company located in Casablanca, it’s the leader in Morocco in the hot beverage (only for tea) field with a presence in the market for more than 80 years. During my journey in that company i was Export area manager for Middle East region and i was given at first 4 countries; that are Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq. As the company had a previous arrangement with one of the leaders in the region that owns a number of companies whose core competencies are the marketing, sales and distribution of FMCG. I had to conduct some market studies for the selected target market in order to understand the market trend and consumer behavior regarding the tea consumption. After that i started to develop potential product range for those countries in collaboration with our R&D department along with a specific marketing strategy that will help us to penetrate a market dominated by big players. During the product development we focused more on understanding the consumer behavior and preference and on adding a Moroccan touch to the provided product range.
09.2014 - 06.2017
Export Area responsible
Istanbul Sera Plastik
Istanbul Sera Pastik is one of the leaders in Turkey in Agricultural plastic production with a presence in the market of over 50 years. In my first year, i had to develop sales in the MENA region by the following: ð * Conducting international market studies ( for Mena region) ð * Online prospection for new customers in the targeted markets ð * Improving the company online visibility in the international agriculture oriented directories. ð * Negotiate and elaborate international contracts adapted to the way of representation of each partner in each new market ð * Implementation of a suitable marketing strategy in each market. Organize international fairs and events such as: *SIFEL 2014, Agadir/ Morocco (Presence as visitor) *Growtech 2014, Antalya/Turkey (Presence as exhibitor) *SIAM 2015, Meknès/ Morocco (Presence as exhibitor) *SIPSA 2015, Alger /Algeria (Presence as visitor) * SIAMAP 2015, Tunis/Tunisia (Presence as visitor) * Expo AgroAlimentaria 2015, Guanajuato/México (Presence as exhibitor) *Growtech 2015, Antalya / Turkey (Presence as exhibitor) * Konya Agricultural fair 2016, Konya/ Turkey (exhibitor) *IFTEX 2016, Nairobi/Kenya (Presence as exhibitor) *Growtech 2016 Antalya/Turkey (Presence as exhibitor) * IFTEX 2017, Nairobi /Kenya (Presence as exhibitor)
Depuis 12.2017
International business facilitator
As part of my approximately 3 years’ experience in agriculture sector as Export Area Responsible in Antalya/Turkey i had the chance to know different company in MENA region, Africa, Latin America, Europe...Those companies where looking for someone living in Turkey who can manage the requested here and deal with the Turkish companies directly by managing all their outgoing requests. I had the chance to work for the following: * Establishment of a liquid fertilizer production factory in Egypt: i was sourcing the machinery producers for a full production line, checking for other needed materials. * Negotiating an exclusive distribution contract with one my customers in Reunion Island (French overseas territory) with the biggest Juice producer in Turkey. * Working on ongoing projects for the moment...
négociation, vente, coaching, customer oriented, product development..
Bac+5 et plus
09.2009 - 06.2014
Diplome de l'Ecole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion de Casablanca
Ecole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion de Casablanca
Diplome en Commerce International
Depuis 06.2018
Import & Export Responsible
Bensüs paper and packaging ltd is one of the leaders in Turkey in the field of food packaging and the supply of some bakery and pastry materials from worldwide companies. I was having the chance to manage the foreign department as «Import & Export Responsible". For the import side: * I was getting in touch with the current company foreign suppliers regarding 2018 pending order; i was following up every detail starting from the order reservation till the order reception in our warehouse. * At the same time i was seeking new potential suppliers that might be alternative suppliers (in a cost effective perspective). * Strategizing and planning the import activities as per the company new orientation for the new term. My daily work consists of a continuous follow up with foreign companies from Germany, Sweden, USA, China, Italy, South Korea...And also internally with production department, quality department and the management as well to ensure that the imported products as in compliance with our company orientation. For the export side: The company started the export from scratch, so as a first step we had to identity the export product range and the added value that we would be giving to our target markets. * I was conducting some market studies to identify potential customers in our target market. * Improving the company notoriety by planning to attend some international exhibitions
espagnolbon niveau
turcbon niveau
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dans 2 mois
Agadir - Casablanca - Fès - Laâyoune - Marrakech - Meknès - Oujda - Rabat - Settat - Tanger - International
Lieu de résidence : Istanbul
CDI - CDD - Freelance

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